Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Steak in Atlanta?

We've eaten twice now at Room, Nick Oltarsh's newest restaurant in the new Twelve Centennial Park, a condo/hotel by Novare Group at Allen Plaza. The first time we went, we started off with an appetizer of sushi...California rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Both were delicious, fresh and crisp. For out main course, we both got the 7 oz petite filet. Are you kidding me?? This steak was so incredible that I'm not exaggerating when I say it's far and away the best steak we've both ever had...better than Bone's, better than Chops, better than Capital Grille. It was absolutely perfect in texture, taste and freshness. It was so good that I could have eaten a 28 oz filet. That would have put me in the poorhouse, though my tastebuds would have been in paradise. The sides were good as well, particularly the three little pigs macaroni...mac n' cheese with pancetta. Overall, a delicious experience and one that is a can't miss.

...and the dining room looks pretty nice, too. You should make your reservation today.

Room at Twelve Centennial Park in Atlanta


Your Wife said...

What about the best sushi in Atlanta? Yummy ginger!

The Doctor said...

Shouldn't you be working instead of eating all the time??

The Doctor said...

Yes, I was wondering if you could review on itpblog Wawa's "Chicken Cherry Walnut You-Know-What" salad? Delicious!