Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Perfect Neighborhood Restaurant - Across the Street

Tonight, we ate at a restaurant right across the street from where we lived, aptly named "Across the Street". It's a fairly casual Mexican place that took the space of the (thankfully, in my opinion) defunct Roman Lily Cafe. It opened back in approximately July 2007, but we avoided it out of lingering concern that it would somehow maintain the bad traits of Roman Lily.

We couldn't have been more wrong.

At this charming and cozy restaurant, the feel is one of a great informal neighborhood hangout. Chips and salsa arrive immediately and are delicious. We started with house margaritas, which were very good...not the best in town, but prepared thankfully with a strong dose of tequila.

An appetizer of goat cheese enchiladas was delicious and unique. Blue corn tortillas are stuffed with goat cheese, mango and herbs and topped with mango salsa. The goat cheese is a bit of an unusual taste paired with Mexican (as compared with oaxaca cheese which is more typically used in this type of dish), but works surprisingly well. We devoured this appetizer.

Our entrees also pleased. A grilled pork tenderloin topped with mango salsa was superb and tender, with a delicious orange BBQ flavor. The pulled pork chimichanga was huge and great tasting. You absolutely won't be hungry after eating it!

We were too stuffed to try dessert, but we can certainly recommend this place if you're in the Old Fourth Ward and feeling hungry. The food is very good...not quite up to par with the best Mexican in town at Sala, but well worth a stop. It's a great addition to a really impressive nexus of urban shopping and dining developing on Highland Avenue on the border between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward.

Across the Street in Atlanta

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